Safer Behavioral Health in the Emergency Department

Compass Clinical Consulting is committed to helping hospitals and health systems consistently deliver best practices in the care of psychiatric patients in the emergency department.

As emergency departments (EDs) struggle with complex issues such as patient flow and bottlenecks, wait times, a more complicated payor approval process, patient diversion, and interactions with other hospital departments, identifying solutions may seem, at times, to rival the goal of providing patients with the right care in the right place at the right time.

Confounding the situation are the dynamics of caring for patients with behavioral health issues and the inadequate supply of community treatment resources, which is why all hospitals, even those without designated behavioral health units, must provide behavioral health services.

Consulting Services for Safer Behavioral Health in the Emergency Department

Through our range of consulting services, Compass experts in behavioral health, emergency medicine, environment of care, and life safety partner with organizational leaders to build a systemic method of care to provide safer mental health services in the ED, with a focus on providing adaptable processes and tools to ensure that the ED staff is well prepared to address psychiatric patient needs and consistently use these tools to achieve patient treatment goals. As a result, teams are better prepared to deal more appropriately with this patient population and provide better outcomes with improved efficiency.

Better Care & Patient Safety

Compass helps organizations establish a higher level of comfort in providing psychiatric care in the ED from evaluation to making the most appropriate, effective treatment recommendations in a limited-resource environment, as well as environmental safety remedies that are appropriate to the resources and risks of each ED.

Engage Staff

Our approach engages frontline staff – physicians and nurses – to lead the solution-oriented approach to make critical changes to improve patient outcomes with education, processes and environment of care, clinician skill building, and behavior changes for both hard and soft skills.

Reduce Risk & Cost

We can provide solutions that reduce significant operating dollars tied up in unintended clinical variability for a complex patient population – length of stay, workforce productivity, outcomes, interventions, and resource utilization.

Learn More

Compass Clinical Consulting has been helping hospitals care for psychiatric patients for decades. Whether we are working with a psychiatric hospital, a hospital with a psychiatric unit, or a hospital without a behavioral health program, Compass has a set of services designed to help our clients provide high-quality care to behavioral health patients.

Read more about how we’ve helped clients improve care for psychiatric patients in their EDs:

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