A Surgery Center’s Transformation: From Facing CMS Closure to Achieving Compliance and Sustainable Practices

An outpatient surgery center faced closure by CMS due to deficiencies. Compass was contacted to assist with response and recovery efforts.


Case Studies

Leadership in the SPD: From Consultation to Interim Engagement

A Southern academic medical center contracted Compass Clinical Consulting for assistance with three pressing needs in the Sterile Processing Department: inefficient processes, poor quality practices, and a lack of strong leadership.The Interim identified inefficiences and encouraged staff to drive change.Read more.

Restructuring Communication and Establishing Organizational Improvements in the Laboratory with Interim Leadership

A hospital in the Midwest needed to fill a leadership vacancy after struggling with performance issues from their previous Laboratory Director for several months. These incompatibilities within their leadership and staff led the healthcare organization to contact Compass Clinical Consulting for help with improvement goals.
Read more.

Achieving Accreditation and Compliance Goals through Quality Department Interim Leadership

An 800+ bed hospital in the South contracted with Compass to engage an Interim Regulatory Specialist in the Quality Department to provide leadership, while guiding the department toward its accreditation and compliance goals and providing support in the face of staffing vacancies and other challenges.Readmore

Creating Collaborative Staff Relationships and Efficient Processes in the Emergency Department

300 +床短期急症护理医院Midwest contracted with Compass to provide interim leadership in the approximately 80 FTE Emergency Department, as well as address significant leadership changes, improve processes and overall staff and physician relationships, and stimulate an environment of change.Read more

Creating a Safe Environment of Care for Behavioral Health Patients in the ED in the Southern US

Compass Clinical Consulting collaborated closely with the faculty and leadership of a not-for-profit health system with 12 acute care hospitals to improve the environment of care for behavioral health patients in the Emergency Department. Compass conducted the consultation at one of the system’s locations, an 800+ bed medical center, to create a plan to be implemented across the system.Read more

Improving Care for Behavioral Health Patients in the Emergency Department in the Southeast

Three medical centers in a Southeast system were struggling with providing safe, quality care to psychiatric patients in the Emergency Department. Notably, they were having issues with patient throughput in the ED due to a lack of resources in the community, which meant that not enough patients were receiving the care they needed—an issue further complicated by the complex needs of this vulnerable, high-risk patient population.Read more

OR Turnaround: Interim Leadership Increases On-Time Starts and Patient Satisfaction

Upon initial assessment, the interim OR Director identified three opportunities for improvement – low block utilization, frequent case delays, and low patient satisfaction scores – as top priorities.Read more

Recovering From CMS Immediate Jeopardy (IJ) and Medicare Termination

Following a complaint survey by CMS, the medical center received a notice of Immediate Jeopardy. Failing to correct the cited deficiencies, the organization had been terminated from Medicare.Read more

Interim Cardiovascular Service Line Director Performance Improvement

A 250-bed hospital found itself with a vacancy in the leadership of its cardiovascular service line, and an assessment revealed that strategic and operational issues threatened the viability of the entire service line.Read more

Laboratory Department Reduces Turnaround Times

A 500-bed hospital in the Midwest was experiencing instability in its Laboratory. A high rate of staff turnover and lack of stable departmental management contributed to increasing turnover times for laboratory tests and declining morale.Read more

Pharmacy Department Performance Improvement

A 260-bed hospital was experiencing turmoil in its Pharmacy department. A high rate of turnover and other chronic problems with Pharmacy leadership contributed to operational inconsistencies and low morale among staff.Read more

Anesthesia Department Performance Improvement

An urban medical center in the Midwest was experiencing turmoil in its Anesthesia department. The organization was employing too many anesthesiologists, and as a result, individual productivity among this group of physicians was low.Read more

Multi-Hospital Health System Strategic Restructuring

After its acquisition of two smaller hospitals in its metropolitan market, a four-hospital, Midwestern health system recognized the need to assess emerging strategic and operational opportunities at those facilities.Read more


The OR at one 318-bed community hospital in the Mid-Atlantic was experiencing unstable leadership and employee turnover, and multiple efficiency issues. The Interim Director’s attention to areas that needed help allowed leaders and staff in the surgical services department to improve communication and create smoother processes to increase productivity.m88help亚太官网

Case Management Plan Improves Reimbursements, Reduces Length of Stay

Under the leadership of an Interim Director of Case Management, one mid-size community hospital improved reimbursement and reduced its length of stay from 4.8 days to 3.6 days, leading to dramatic reductions in associated costs.Read more

White Papers

Hospital Near-Death Experience: How Medicare Termination Can Push Your Hospital to the Brink of Closing

No hospital leader wants to think that Medicare termination could happen at his or her hospital. Indeed, Medicare termination is rare, but it has significant and real consequences for the hospitals that experience it.Read more

Successful Departmental Transformation through Interim Leadership

Though interim healthcare executives and clinical directors are often brought in when vacancies arise, many hospitals also choose to use these experienced leaders to drive change initiatives and foster sustainable departmental improvements.Read More

Accreditation Options: A Guide for Healthcare Leaders

It’s time for hospital leaders to evaluate the decision to pursue accreditation and view it as a key element of their hospitals’ strategies. This whitepaper explores some of the accreditation options available to hospitals— including TJC, HFAP, DNV GL, and CIHQ.Read more

Profiles in Healthcare Leadership

Dennis Vonderfecht, Mountain States Health Alliance

Mr. Vonderfecht’s leadership was instrumental in developing the mission, vision and values for Mountain States Health Alliance, along with the system’s 10 principles of patient-centered care.Read more

Maureen Bisognano, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Ms. Bisognano shares practical and aspirational concepts about Board leadership and engagement to help drive a healthcare organization’s progress to dramatically improve quality care and outcomes.Read more

R. Edward Howell, University of Virginia Medical Center

In “Stewardship: The Noblest Form of Leadership,” Mr. Howell reveals how to ask and answer, “What’s your plan for leaving your organization better than you found it?”Read more

Mark Frey, Alexian Brothers Health System

Mr. Frey discusses strategic questions to consider in the face of healthcare reform, how to move from fee-for-service to a population health model, how to manage financial change from evolving business models, and how to find the right people for your patients and organization.Read more

Peter Fine, Banner Health

Mr. Fine used innovation and transparency to transform this once-struggling system of hospitals into a forward-thinking, profitable healthcare quality company.Read more

Jim Anderson, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

When Mr. Anderson retired, CCHMC had grown to over 11,000 employees, 925,000 yearly patient encounters and $1.6 billion in revenue.Read more

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