Surgical Services and Operating Room Management and Consulting Services

Improve OR scheduling, physician relations, and turnaround times to increase quality of care and improve your bottom line.

Surgical Services are of strategic importance to healthcare organizations. Because the Operating Room is a significant profit center and source of physician satisfaction (or dissatisfaction), smooth OR operations can mean the difference between a positive and a negative bottom line.

Unfortunately, many ORs can be a source of inefficiency. Surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and technicians are not only required to work together to achieve the desired patient outcomes, but they must also be mutually accountable for on-time starts and safe surgical practices. However, complicated schedules and competing interests can stand in the way, wasting time and resources.

Surgical Services and OR Management and Consulting Services

Compass Clinical Consulting offers a range of services to help define issues in the OR, identify the sources of dysfunction, and develop and implement a plan for correcting the problems. Our consultants’ objective expertise and experience helps clients achieve appropriate staffing (mix, skills, numbers) and optimum efficiency by ensuring that physicians, nurses, anesthesiologists, and techs are all on the same page and working toward the same goals.

Surgical Services Assessments

Producing change requires an understanding of the existing conditions and the factors that sustain the current situation. Often, those involved in the situation are too familiar with it to see the forest for the trees. Systematic assessment by an unbiased outside party helps hospitals establish the “diagnosis” and understand the causes of the “pathology.”

Using proprietary methodologies, Compass consultants conduct thorough assessments of the problems within the Surgical Services area. Our summary reports identify the principal issues and provide recommendations for achieving improved results.

Surgical Services/OR Project Management

When change is required, the time to undertake the project may not be available given the busy work schedule of managers and staff. In addition, uncertainty with change may make implementation take more time than it would in more experienced hands. Our consultants can organize and drive one or more projects while the staff continues to devote most of their attention to their current work responsibilities.

Interim Surgical Services/OR Directors

Healthcare organizations can often find themselves without experienced leadership in the Surgical Services area when a competent person leaves the organization or is promoted, or when OR problems exceed the capabilities of the current management to lead a turnaround performance. Compass Clinical Consulting can provide experienced interim directors with the know-how to run a busy OR.

Mentoring and Development

When hospitals find that their existing managers need training and coaching, Compass consultants can engage the manager in educational and skill development programs. Each program is customized to work within the conditions of the client organization and meet the needs of the individual.

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Through objective analysis, careful implementation, and interim leadership, we have achieved impressive results,including a 20% increase in block utilization, improving patient satisfaction scores from 47% to 76%, and improved compliance with regulatory and accreditation standards.

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